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Common Causes Of Gum Disease

What Causes Gum Disease?


Hello, and welcome to the Boulder Dental Designs blog! As dentists, it is not only our passion but also our duty to help as many people as possible maintain good oral hygiene. A healthy mouth, aside from looking good, is essential for a healthy body and, if ignored, can impact multiple areas of a person’s health. In today’s post, we are going to go over some of the most common causes of gum disease, and oral health issues that affect millions of people across the United States. Gum disease, if left alone, can not only cause issues with the teeth and gums but can also lead to issues that affect the heart and blood vessels. For this reason, we feel that it is important that all of our patients and potential patients understand exactly what causes gum disease and what they can do to avoid it. Continue reading below to learn more.


Take Care of Your Mouth, It’s Important


Very early in most people’s lives, they are taught that proper oral hygiene is essential. We use our mouths for a lot of things, so it only makes sense that we should take care of them. Unfortunately, as people age and life gets in the way, they sometimes neglect their mouth, leading to issues that could have been avoided. Below, we have listed some of the most common causes of gum disease and what you can do to avoid them.



  • Plaque: The most common cause of gum disease in America is, without a doubt, plaque. Plaque develops from the bacteria naturally present in every person’s mouth and, typically, can be removed with daily brushing and flossing. However, even the most vigilant of oral hygiene routines are unable to get rid of all of the plaque present in a person’s mouth and, when left to its own devices, plaque will develop into tartar. Once tartar has developed it can only be removed by a dentist and, if ignored, allows for the flourishing of bacteria that will inevitably lead to issues involving the gums. Daily cleanings and bi-annual visits to the dentist are the best way to mitigate the effect that plaque has on the gums.
  • Tobacco Use: While it is common knowledge that smoking or chewing tobacco is bad for you, millions of people still partake in these deadly vices. The effects of smoking on the lungs has been well documented over the years, however, fewer people seem to realize that smoking is doing a number on their oral health. Sure, people know that smoking gives you bad breath but fewer people are aware of exactly why smoking causes bad breath. Barring the actual smoke, smoking regularly compromises the normal function of the tissue cells in the human mouth. This allows bacteria to flourish, causing bad breath and making a person more susceptible to infection. The only way to avoid this particular cause of gum disease is to stop smoking altogether, a feat that is easier said than done for most people.



Join us again next time as we continue to go over some of the most common causes of gum disease. If you think you might be suffering from issues relating to the gum, please contact us today at Boulder Dental Designs and schedule an appointment with one of our dentists. We will work with you to identify what the issue is and come up with an oral hygiene plan to make sure that your mouth is as healthy as possible. Contact us today and let us show you what makes us the best dentist office in the Boulder area.

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