Happy New Year from Dr. Montoya

From the Dr’s desk…Happy New Year to YOU.

Dear Patients,

As we enter this New Year, I want to share with you that I am incredibly thankful for you as patients and a major part of my life.  After my family and my health, there is nothing more important than my opportunity to serve you.

I am so very thankful for the support and trust you have shared with me and I want you to know that it is only through you that it is possible for me to find my purpose.

For me that purpose is fulfilled each time I speak with you.  I can literally feel the energy of support and service and I know that I am doing what it is I am best at, and what serves the most.  I don’t always get to say what you want to hear and sometimes it’s not very glorious to say, “I’m a Dentist”, but I can tell you though; it is through my interaction with my patients, that I am most complete as a professional and human.

We all serve in one way or another, and I know for myself that the more I do so, the more desire I have to do so.  That desire can only be fulfilled because I have you there.  This is a blessing and a privilege and I want to thank you for allowing me that.

I wish for you a beautiful and peaceful 2015.  Thank you my friends.

In Service,

Dr. John Montoya


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