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Is Sparkling Water Destroying Your Teeth

What’s the Deal With Sparkling Water?


Hello, welcome back to the Boulder Dental Designs blog! As you have probably figured out, we are dedicated to making sure that all of our Boulder are neighbors are as well informed as possible on issues that may affect their oral health. Over the years, we have noticed a trend. It seems that more and more people are ditching sodas for flavored sparkling water drinks. While this shift away from sodas is an overall good thing, considering sodas are one of the worst beverages you can consume in relation to the health of your teeth, we wanted to take some time in today’s blog to go over whether or not these flavored sparkling drinks are actually better. Continue reading below to learn more.

What’s the Problem With Sparkling Water?


At first glance, it seems like sparkling water is one of the best options currently available for people who crave a bubbly drink but don’t want to consume sodas. Sodas, as we all know, are loaded with sugar and, what’s worse, are highly acidic. When a person consumes soda, they are basically providing the bacteria in their mouth with an all-you-can-eat buffet. This causes the bacteria to go into overdrive, consuming the sugar and, as a result, producing more acid than is healthy for your mouth. Add in the fact that sodas are highly acidic anyway and you can see why soda can do a number on your teeth. So, with this in mind, why is sparkling water not a viable alternative?


First things first, carbonated beverages get their bubbly goodness from carbon dioxide. When added to a beverage, carbon dioxide provides the bubbles, giving any drink a tangy, zesty, refreshing bite. Unfortunately, as carbon dioxide is consumed, it turns into carbonic acid. Increased levels of carbonic in the mouth have been linked to a myriad of oral health issues but, most importantly, it affects the enamel of the teeth. Enamel is responsible for protecting the main portion of a tooth, ensuring that bacteria and other external agents are not able to penetrate into the body of the tooth. If your enamel becomes eroded, there is nothing that can be done to regrow it. Are you starting to see why carbonated beverages, even ones that do not contain a lot of sugar, can be an issue?

Am I At Risk If I Drink Sparkling Water?


Like many health related questions, this one is all about your situation. If you are the type of person who drinks a single sparkling water a day, chances are good that your teeth will be fine. However, if you are the type of person that drink four to five sparkling waters a day, you could be doing quite a number on your teeth. In our opinion, the only beverage that you should drink throughout the day is water. Water is a neutral beverage, meaning that it will not harm your teeth no matter how much you drink during the day. If you feel as though you cannot give up your sparkling water, we suggest that you at least drink water in between each time you consume a carbonated beverage. The water will help to wash away any excess acid that forms in the mouth and, more importantly, will help to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth.


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