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If you’d like to learn more about the “man behind the mask” read on! Dr. Montoya sat down to answer some questions we had for him and here is what he had to say:

Where are you originally from?

My dad was in sales, so we moved around quite a bit, but the longest place we stayed was San Diego. It was awesome to grow up in a beach town, but as all popular towns do, they grow and grow. While it was nice to be a young adult there, it just got too crowded for me in the long run. I decided to make a change and landed in Boulder. I’m so glad and don’t see myself ever leaving the area.

What made inspired you to work in dentistry?

I always wanted to be in medicine in some form or fashion and dentistry had always been in the back of my mind. I always tell people that I have a picture in my office of me in an elementary school play and I was the dentist in the play. It must have started there! I knew I wanted to help people. Over the years, I had explored different medical options. I interned at hospitals, with physicians and things like that. Then, as I was going to college, I actually met a dentist while I was working in a gym. He kept talking to me and asking me what I was going to do and how my schooling was going. He didn’t reveal that he was a dentist until later on when he invited me to come and shadow his work. The thing that stuck out to me was that he loved going to work. He loved what he did. He loved his staff and his patients. He was an older gentleman and he still had the passion for his work. In inspired me and when I eventually got into dental school, I knew I was in the right spot.

Why didn’t you choose to specialize in a specific type of dentistry?

When you specialize, you’re really limited to one thing – one facet of dentistry. I wanted to be able to provide a lot of different services to my patients, which I get to do. We get to branch out to all different aspects of dentistry and also incorporate some medicine into our work as well. I love being able to provide different services and I can still provide specialty services when needed. That’s really why I enjoy general dentistry as opposed to sticking to one particular specialty.

What sets your office apart from other dental offices?

At Boulder Dental Designs, we are passionate about the fact that the mouth is a gateway to the rest of the body. As such, in our practice we focus on the entire body, not just the mouth. We have advanced technology, individualized treatment plans, and exceptional customer service. In terms of services, we provide a lot of treatments and procedures that other dentists do not. We do orthodontics, both braces and clear aligner therapy. We also treat newborn kiddos that are having trouble with bottle or breastfeeding. A lot of times they have tongue ties and lip ties and we can release those using a laser. Many dentists don’t provide that type of service.  We deeply pride ourselves on customer service. We try to be more of the Neiman Marcus/Nordstrom kind of experience. You’re not a number in our practice. You’re actually a guest of the practice. We try to spend quality time with our patients. There are so many things that can be done in dentistry and we provide most of those services in the office. If we can’t provide those services in the office, we work with a lot of great specialists in and around the area so we can get people to the right location and feel confident in the care they’re going to receive.

What is your favorite part of the career?

You know, my favorite thing to do is to keep people comfortable and change people’s lives for the better. Nobody inherently likes coming to the dentist. I’ve spent a lifetime trying to find the most comfortable ways to provide dentistry to our patients. I really enjoy the fact that when somebody gets up, they say, “Wow, that wasn’t that bad!” or “Wow, that was quick and easy. I thought it was going to take a lot longer!” We have a lot of patients that we help that as soon as we sit them up after their treatment is done, they look in the mirror and start crying. I mean, that just really gets your heart going. It’s so nice to hear those stories from our patients where people will come in and go, “Man, I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life.” Most people don’t really think of their dentist being able to do these life altering things and I love being in a profession where I am able to do that.

You run the most advanced dental office in the area. How is technology improving the industry?

It is amazing to be in any industry long enough to see so many advancements being made. Technology is at the front of my team’s mind and woven throughout everything we do here at Boulder Dental Designs. Using the latest technological advancements we are able to provide the patient with more comfort and precision in all of the services we offer. Additionally, most of our technology allows procedures to be much more time and cost effective for our patients.

What are the top services that you offer?

We offer services for patients of all ages. We provide tongue and lip tie releases for newborns to help with breastfeeding, we help with the entire orthodontic experience, restorative dentistry and more! Some of our top services are Invisalign, same-day crowns, and top notch preventative care with expert education to go along with all of our treatment.

Thank you for the time, Dr. Montoya!

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