Become a VIP

At Boulder Dental Designs we truly appreciate when a family member or friend that is referred to us becomes a new patient! In our practice we choose to reward our referring patients with a special program that earns real financial benefits!

…and it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  1. For your first referral, Boulder Dental Designs will honor you with a $10 Gift Card PLUS a $25 credit toward dental services. You may apply your earned credit to any procedure in our office!
  1. The rewards are greater when you make your second referral! You will earn a $50 Gas Gift Card (a little relief at the pump is always nice!) and another $25 credit toward any dental procedure.

After your third referral, you earn Boulder Dental Designs VIP STATUS! The rewards are worth spreading the word!

  • $45 credit toward any procedure in our office
  • Free Custom Tray Teeth Whitening
  • 5% off all Boulder Dental Designs services for one year!
  • 3 Automatic Entries into our fun Quarterly Drawings
  • $45 credit toward any procedure for each additional patient referred during your VIP STATUS year! *

* VIP STATUS is in effect for one year. After the year has expired, three additional referrals will restart the rewards program and renew your VIP STATUS.

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New Patient

Need your teeth whitened?
we provide free whitening and cleaning with each new patient exam.