Teeth Cleaning

Are you looking for a new dental office? Boulder Dental Designs is the place for you! We offer high-quality teeth cleaning in Boulder as part of our preventative dentistry program. We’ll keep your teeth sparkling clean, healthy, and bright. You’ll love that minty-fresh, clean feeling, and we guarantee you’ll leave with a smile.

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What is Teeth Cleaning, and Why is it Important?

Teeth cleaning, or dental prophylaxis, removes plaque, tartar, and other debris from the teeth. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth, and tartar is a hard deposit that can form on the teeth if plaque is not removed. Over time, plaque and tartar can lead to tooth decay. Regular teeth cleaning can help to keep plaque and tartar at bay and stop the progression of gingivitis and periodontal disease. In addition, teeth cleaning can help remove stains from the teeth and brighten the smile. For these reasons, it is crucial to regularly have your teeth cleaned by one of our dentists or oral health professionals.

How is Teeth Cleaning Performed?

At Boulder Dental Designs, teeth cleaning is performed by our dentists or hygienists. We will thoroughly clean your teeth using specialized dental instruments during teeth cleaning appointments. Depending on the level of staining present, we may perform teeth whitening as well. The teeth can be scaled using a scaler to remove plaque and tartar and then polished with a polishing paste. The teeth may also be flossed if necessary.

What to Expect After Teeth Cleaning

After teeth cleaning, you may experience some temporary sensitivity. This sensitivity is normal and should subside within a few days. If the teeth are polished, teeth may appear a little whiter than before. The teeth will also be smoother to the touch as plaque and tartar have been removed.

How Often Should My Teeth Be Cleaned?

We recommend you have your teeth cleaned at least twice a year or every six months. However, some people may need to have their teeth cleaned more often, depending on their oral health. If you have braces or other dental appliances, you may need to have your teeth cleaned more frequently to prevent bacteria from building up. If you smoke or have diabetes, you may also be at higher risk for developing gum disease, so you may need to have your teeth cleaned more often. Talk to our team about how often you should have your teeth cleaned to ensure that you keep your mouth healthy.

Optional Treatments for After Your Cleaning

At Boulder Dental Designs, we offer a variety of treatments to help you maintain your teeth and gums. These treatments include the following.

  • Teeth Whitening: We offer teeth whitening to help you achieve a beautiful, white smile.
  • Dental Sealants: Dental sealants are a great way to protect teeth from decay and help keep them looking their best.
  • Fluoride Treatment: We can apply a safe, protective coating to your teeth that help to strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of cavities.

And more! Talk to our team about treatments that suit you after your teeth cleaning appointment.

Teeth Cleaning in Boulder, Colorado

Teeth cleaning is an integral part of oral care, and it’s a procedure that should be done regularly to keep your smile looking its best. If you last had teeth cleaning a while ago or are just curious about what the process entails, we hope you’ll reach out to us. Our state-of-the-art dental office in Boulder offers comprehensive teeth cleanings performed by experienced professionals who will ensure your mouth feels great afterward.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health!

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