Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental implants in Boulder, Colorado

mini dental implants boulder dental designs dentist in boulder coIf you are missing one or more teeth, a mini dental implant may be right for you. At Boulder Dental Designs, we help patients restore their beautiful smiles with state-of-the-art technology such as mini dental implants. What are mini dental implants, and how can they help you?

What is a Mini Dental Implant?

A mini implant is similar to a conventional dental implant because it can replace one or more teeth. The difference between a mini and a traditional implant is that a mini dental implant has a smaller post than a conventional dental implant, and there is no abutment. For example, a traditional dental implant has three parts: the post, abutment, and crown. A mini dental implant is for patients with substantial jaw bone density that can hold a smaller implant in place. With a mini dental implant, they can support partials and dentures. Lastly, if you are missing an entire set of teeth, you can get dental implant-supported dentures. 

How are Mini Implants Different From Ordinary-sized Implants?

With a conventional dental implant, there needs to be a certain amount of bone structure available to place the implant. With mini implants, less space is required, allowing a site with less than adequate bone to hold the implant stable.

What are the Advantages of Mini Implants?

Less Space Needed: First, you do not need as much space in your mouth for a mini dental implant to fit. As long as you have adequate bone dentistry and the gums and teeth around the implant are healthy, you can place the mini dental implant. 

Shorter Treatment Time: With a smaller implant size comes a shorter treatment time. Placing mini implants is often more straightforward and less time-consuming than placing full-sized implants. Full-sized implants generally require several months of healing before they can reliably support dental restorations, while mini implants can often support a denture right away. Plus, mini dental implants don’t require sedation, and we can place them using a local anesthetic. The treatment can last a little over an hour, depending on the restoration you are receiving. 

Short Recovery: The procedure for placing mini implants is usually simple and relatively pain-free, and the recovery time is often just a day or two. We will make modifications to your denture on the same day we place the implants, so you can begin wearing it with your new implants right away.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

We recommend that all of our patients hear about the benefits of dental implants when choosing which type of dental implant is right for them. First, dental implants look and function like natural teeth. A natural look and function mean that you may be the only one that knows you have dental implants. Another advantage that our patients love is that dental implants may last a lifetime if cared for properly. One benefit that many patients don’t realize is that placing a dental implant can prevent bone loss. When you have a missing tooth, the tooth socket is not stimulated by the tooth. The bone eventually begins to lose strength and disintegrates. Our dentist recommends that you receive a tooth replacement as soon as you lose or extract a tooth to prevent this process from happening. 

Mini dental implants have helped many patients achieve their dream smile. There are numerous benefits to getting dental implants, especially mini dental implants. If you are interested in learning more about mini dental implants or if you would like to make an appointment, call our dental office today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Montoya or Dr. Lai.  We would look forward to helping you with our quality restorative dentistry service in Boulder, Colorado. Or if you need family or cosmetic dentistry, we are here for you!

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