Gum Disease Laser Therapy

Dr. Montoya is proud to offer the latest laser technology available: Waterlase

There are numerous advantages to using laser therapy as opposed to traditional methods of care for a variety of procedures.



what is waterlaseWaterlase technology; a laser that uses energy and water in place of typical instruments such as a scalpel or drill is often utilized in our practice in order to maximize patient comfort, healing times, and optimal results.

Dr. Montoya can perform dental procedures in areas of the mouth ranging from the soft gum tissue to the harder teeth and bones with just the laser. When the laser meets a surface, a reaction occurs causing it to alter gum tissue and enamel with ease. While the laser is working, cool water is continuously being sprayed in the area to help mitigate any discomfort during the experience. This helps limit or completely eliminate the need for any anesthetic injections or numbing. This makes it a great easy option for the entire family!

When to choose Waterlase?

Waterlase is a great option for a variety of procedures that Boulder Dental Designs offers. We can use it for many things ranging from cavity removal to our tongue-tie release procedures, also known as frenectomies.

Waterlase Treatment Options:

Excess tissue removal
Osseous surgery (removing infected gum tissue)
Frenectomy (lip-tie or tongue-tie)
Removing tooth decay
Gum disease treatment
Cold sores/canker sore treatment

Don’t see what you want on this list? Ask us! If Waterlase is an option for a procedure that you need, Dr. Montoya and the team will be sure to let you know!



Does using Waterlase change the healing process for procedures?

Waterlase technology does have a different healing process than typical treatments but in the best way possible. Due to Waterlase being a minimally invasive procedure, once the procedure has been completed the mouth begins to heal almost immediately! The laser also reduces bacteria, which is especially helpful when dealing with gum disease and preventing relapses. Lastly, since Waterlase cools the mouth during the procedure, any post-operative swelling, bleeding, or discomfort are dramatically reduced.

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