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Straight Talk About Straight Teeth

Want the skinny on how to get straight teeth without the bulk of metal braces taking up space in your mouth? Read on!


What is Invisalign?

It wasn’t long ago that metal band and bracket braces were the only options out there to achieve the straight teeth of your dreams. Luckily, that is no longer the case! Invisalign works to correct a variety of dental problems using discreet clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating and drinking, easy cleaning, during sports activities when necessary, and for your regular dental check-up visits! Additionally, you do not have to worry about issues with brackets or wire poking your cheeks, tongue, or lips, and they are much more inconspicuous than traditional braces. Invisalign is a great choice for more than 75% of teens and adults!

Why is Invisalign Beneficial?

While many patients choose Invisalign for cosmetic reasons, there are many additional health benefits to adjusting your bite! The way teeth fit together is very important for the health of your gums, each neighboring tooth, your neck and head, the muscles of the jaw, the jaw joint itself, and your oral health overall. In the same way that having a solid foundation is essential when building a house, having a solid bite is essential to the head, neck, and mouth! If preventative care is not taken, a variety of issues such as TMJ, nerve damage, and even gum disease can occur.

How does Invisalign work?

It’s very simple! When you decide Invisalign is the right step for you, we simply schedule an appointment, take impressions of your teeth, and create an individualized plan for the final position of each tooth. Once the plan is in place, clear aligners are fabricated and you come back to pick them up. At your pick-up appointment, we will place the first set of aligners in your mouth and check for comfort and fit. We will teach you how to take care of them and how to wear them, and schedule you for your next visit! Every patient is an individual, but usually, you will see us once a month and change the aligners every 2 weeks at home between visits.

How long does Invisalign treatment take to complete?

The amount of time needed for treatment varies on a case-by-case basis but it’s typical for it to take anywhere between 6 to 18 months. This will depend on how many specific movements we need to complete to achieve your ideal final result and how well you follow the wear instructions given at your appointments. Sometimes if you take the aligners out too often or leave them out too long it can increase the likelihood that your treatment time will need to be extended, so be sure to be consistent!

What does Invisalign cost?

As with any investment, the cost is a factor to consider. Invisalign is typically no more expensive than traditional braces and in our office, we are happy to work with you to set up payment plans, help you apply for Care Credit if necessary, and to file any insurance claims for you. Many insurance plans do provide orthodontic benefits and Invisalign falls into this category. In fact, many plans provide as much as $1000-2000 toward Invisalign treatment! In addition to your traditional dental insurance policy, Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds can be used for Invisalign. As with all the services we offer, our team will work with you to develop a financial plan to fit your needs. Call us or request an appointment today for a free consultation and a complimentary benefits check with your insurance company!

More than One Million Patients Worldwide Have Been Treated with Invisalign®.

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