The Benefits Of Mini Implants For Dentures

Have you been told you need dental implants to restore your smile? Did your dentist tell you that having one or more missing teeth can cause oral health problems? It’s no surprise that when your smile is compromised, missing one or more teeth, that you will have a higher probability of getting infections in and around the gum tissue that’s missing teeth. Your tooth, root, and more is what helps keep your mouth healthy. When you have teeth missing, your entire smile could be compromised, allowing bacteria to find their way beneath your gum line and causing infections. This can lead to a higher dental bill over time and more dental procedures. Don’t wait to see your local Boulder dentist.

In this post, we’ll be sharing the benefits of mini dental implants for dentures. If you’re ready to see your Boulder dentist about this dental procedure, give Boulder Dental Designs a call today to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

What are mini dental implants?

The only major difference between mini dental implants and regular dental implants is the size. Those who are candidates for implants, but their gums, bone, or other factor don’t allow a full-size implant to be placed are typically offered mini implants to complete the much needed procedure, replacing a tooth.

Mini dental implants are made from medical-grade titanium, which has been shown to fuse the best with bone. The implants, once placed, are stable, strong, and reliable, even though they’re slightly smaller than your average dental implant.

Why choose mini dental implants?

In most cases, patients don’t get to choose between regular and mini implants. Your Boulder dentist makes that decision for you, depending on the allowed space to secure an implant in the first place. Most patients who are offered mini dental implants don’t have enough room for a regular dental implant to effectively complete the procedure. Nonetheless, mini implants were developed and created for those who have less space but still want to restore their smile!

Whether you’ve decided on dentures or a bridge, mini dental implants are easier to place and secure than regular implants. The size also means that they can cost less, which saves you, the patient, more money. Now that you know that mini implants cost less than regular implants, your Boulder dentist will still assess which option is best for you based on factors like oral health, missing teeth, and budget. In a high majority of cases, if you have enough room for a regular implant, you’ll be fitted for one.

Although mini implants are placed using the same technique as regular implants, they can actually be placed and fitted for dentures or a bridge in a shorter time-frame—in some cases in as little as one visit. This reduces cost and time to a restored smile for you.

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