Rebuild Your Smile With a Crown or Bridge

Crowns and bridges are staples of restorative dentistry because they give us so many ways to repair your smile. Whether you have a single damaged tooth or you need several teeth replaced, crowns and bridges can give you back a beautiful and fully functional smile.

Plus, we’ll most likely make your new restoration right here in our office, ensuring the highest quality control. We use a CAD/CAM E4D system to manufacture dental restorations using specifications gathered from our digital scanner. You’re assured of precise results that create just the look you’ve envisioned.

Below are some ways we can use a crown or bridge for smile repair:

  • Single crown for repairing a tooth
  • Standard fixed bridge to replace one or more teeth
  • Implant-supported crown to replace a single tooth
  • Implant-supported bridge to replace several teeth
  • Inlays and onlays for lesser damage that doesn’t require a full crown

Call us today at 303-816-3863 today to schedule an appointment. You can also make an appointment online. Restore your smile to its former glory with Boulder dental crowns and bridges from Boulder Dental Designs.